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It’s been a year.
But I could not pretend.
You are a dear
for thinking we’re just friends.
And I see you, still smiling,
so calm as though I’m okay,
when inside I’m dying,
I don’t want you to fade away.

My heart is drenched,
Excited only when,
You look my way,
And say the sweetest things,
And I hold on,
I screwed up,
I kept myself for saying,
that it’s you,
I need you,
I don’ want you to fade away.

Oh baby please don’t go away,
Things will get better if you stay,
I’ll make a man out of you,
I’ll make your dreams come true,
Even if I’m not enough,
I’ll make sure you’ll have it all,
I wont ever let you down,
I wont ever make you doubt.

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"close your eyes and taste the light with you skin, this is worth everything.fight  for your life, kiss me goodbye,it’s the start of a very big dream."

Some pictures from the last show.

Hello again,

Dear everyone, sorry it took us a while to blog about what we had been up to recently.We,just like every other simple mortals, too have our daily mundane tasks that we need to complete. But anyways,as usual, we will try to come up with a brief update just as we promised to in our earlier posts.

Just as we mentioned, we had a show last 18th of march where we opened up for Goodnight Electric (An amazing electronic band from Indonesia) at P.O.R.T, Ipoh.The show was epic.The crowd there were so sweet and supportive, it had us so ecstatic when we performed.We played 4 songs including an unrecorded instrumental song as an intro.As usual, we had the time of our lives!!.Hence even our sessionist,Chacha, was having fun.It was such an pleasure. And as for Goodnight Electric, WELL, they were tight !! They were exactly like how we’d imagined them to be.They were so effortlessly good, we were  just awed.While in person, they were just  super awesome and friendly . Even the language barrier didn’t seem to be a problem.

All in all, the whole gig itself was an awesome experience. We hoped to be doing more of this soon. But in the mean time, we’ll probably be gathering more materials.We know we haven’t actually made much of a massive impact as we intended to, but with time and further effort, hopefully we’ll pull through sometime soon.

Before we end this post, we (by we,we really meant Mohd Faliq and I) would love to have a moment to thank all of you lovely folks for supporting us.We know it’s been 3 months only and we’ve released basically pretty mediocre stuff but it’s been a pleasure having people to enjoy our stuff.Believe us when we say that we are really really grateful and we want nothing more than to not take any of these for granted.

That’s all for now people.Hopefully there will be more to write about soon.Have a lovely month and keep doing what makes you happy!!Take Care…

a little something something from us.

a little something something from us.

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hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.we hope y’all enjoy our little riot number “Assassin”.

Come sunday, we’ll be here:D

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